Handicap information 2018


Handicap Renewal Notice

If you pay for your GHIN handicap membership through the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Greater Knoxville Chapter, our 2018 rate is $22. Please make your check payable to LPGA Amateur Golf ASsociation Knoxville, indicating on the memo line of your check “GHIN handicap and your GHIN#” Send your payments to:

LPGA Amateur Golf Association 
PO Box 31633
Knoxville, TN 37930-1633

If you pay for your GHIN handicap through another club - Centennial, Tellico, etc., this renewal notice does not apply to you. Check with them to find out when you need to pay them and how much they are charging.

All non renewals will be deactivated on February 20, 2018, which is prior to the last GHIN revision for the year. If you have any questions, contact:  at: membershipinfo@lpgaamateursknoxville.com

Get your renewal completed early, so you don't have any disruption in your ability to POST your scores. Also, please, let your fellow LPGA Amateur Golf Association members know that they can get their GHIN through the Greater Knoxville Chapter.

Handicap Services

The Greater Knoxville Chapter offers multiple options for members to establish and maintain handicaps:

1. GolfNet Handicap Service (GN21)
2. GHIN Handicap Service (see above)*$22

To determine which service is best for you, ask yourself one question. Do I want to play in any Tennessee State events? If your answer is “No”, then your best option may be #1 above.

1st Option - Handicap through LPGA AGA (GN21):
  • Free with LPGA Amateur Golf Association Greater Knoxville Chapter membership
  • Obtain an official USGA Handicap
  • Track personal game statistics
  • Maintain a personal golf calendar
  • Create a course list with the profiles of your courses

To activate this service go to lpgaamateurs.com and click on Member Clubhouse. Log in with your email and password (If this is your first time to login, your password will be "Password1"). Click on the "My Handicap" in left-hand column and you will automatically go to your handicap record.

2nd Option - LPGA Amateur Golf Association Greater Knoxville Chapter GHIN Handicap $22 
  • Handicap fees for members, spouses or significant others remain at $22 this year.

To establish a GHIN Handicap send your check for $22 payable to LPGA AGA to:

LPGA Amateur Golf Association
ATTN: Handicap Service
P.O. Box 31633
Knoxville, TN 37930

For questions or help contact: membershipinfo@lpgaamateursknoxville.com

Misc Handicap Information

GHIN Question

A question about course stroke/slop rating discrepancies when posting scores in GHIN has arisen.  Our handicap chair verified the correct procedure.

When posting your scores on GHIN, the only times you should manually enter a course slope and rating are:

  1. if the course is not listed on GHIN- like some out of state courses,
  2. if you play from a tee that is different from those offered on GHIN (i.e. "men's" tee) and you have to calculate the slope and rating for that tee, or
  3. if you are playing in a tournament and the tournament committee tells you a specific slope and rating you are playing for THAT tournament.

The GHIN course slope and ratings are the most current. Lots of times a course is re-rated, but continue to use old scorecards before ordering new ones.

Important Handicap Information: Chapter Championship

As many of you may know, to play in the Chapter Championship participants' handicap records are evaluated. In order to maintain more accurate handicap indexes, players are required to have at least two 18-hole or four 9-hole scores posted to their handicap record in the current year prior to the Chapter Championship.

To clarify, these scores can come from any round of golf. Making sure that all golf scores are posted will help ensure that your members' handicaps are accurate and up-to-date.

Whether high or low, good or bad, golf scores are the main factors in determining players' abilities and inputting those scores into a handicap system will keep the game fair for all. As a reminder, the Golf Life Management System is a great way to help your members get their handicap indexes established at no additional cost to the member. Please encourage them to use this wonderful member benefit.